==================== This repository mainly hosts **one amazing page**, available here [This page]( is designed to *embed other pages*, written by me and mainly hosted on <>. [![Website](]( [![made-with-StrapDownJS](]( [![made-with-Markdown](]( [![Maintained? Yes!](]( [![Ask Me Anything!](]( #### Some pretty cool pages: + [md/]( : *StrapDown.js*, an awesome tool to write nice-looking webpages in pure Markdown, with no server side compilation (as the page you are reading), + [squirt/]( : *SquirtFR*, a fast reading bookmarklet, fork from [](, + [jarvis.html]( as an advertisement for my machine *jarvis* (only on the local crans network), + [git.html]( a short list of READMEs from other repositories, + []( a French clone of <>, + [python-style-guide.html]( is a small list of useful Python style guides, that I wrote for [the CS101 course]( I taught in 2015. #### Some pages cloned or inspired from other projects: + [conway.html]( Conway's game of life, + [lattice-boltzmann.html]( a 2D dynamic fluid solver (with a Lattice Boltzmann scheme), + [2048/]( fork of the now famous 2048 game, + [2048-agreg/]( a modified version, inspired from doing too much mathematics... + [2048-AI/]( a 2048 game, with an automatic solver. + [bbbtns/]( buttons to display Bitbucket stats, + [showdown/](, + [prism/](, + [d3/](, + [particle_homepage/]( #### Pages for other projects: Just try: [agreg-2014](, [bin](, [cv](, [linux-dash](, [munstrap](, [nautilus-terminal](, [publis](, [python-demos](, [teach](, [web-sphinx](, [web-sphinx-scripts]( #### Short link: It is possible to quickly access []( with the short link [](, thanks to [FreeDNS]( --- # Meny, a nice lateral menu ### What does that mean ? Test this <> (on a **recent** web browser, with _JavaScript_ enabled !). ### Other options + Menu on the top <>. + Menu on the left <>. + Menu on the right <>. + Menu on the bottom <>. + Menu open by default <>. + Short redirections <> (only a few are activated, see source for complete list). ### Explainations More details on <>. ---- # About ### Made by [Lilian Besson]( © 2011-2017 [Lilian Besson]( ([lbesson on bitbucket]( ### Languages - JavaScript (for Google Analytics, forkit ribbon, and of course _Meny_ lateral menu); - HTML 5 and CSS 3. ### License [![GPLv3 license](]( This project is released under the **GPLv3 license**, for more details, take a look at the [LICENSE]( file in the source. [![ForTheBadge built-with-love](]( [![Analytics](]( [![ForTheBadge uses-badges](]( [![ForTheBadge uses-git](]( [![ForTheBadge uses-html](]( [![ForTheBadge uses-css](]( [![ForTheBadge uses-js](](